Contributing to HACC Resources Page

We welcome contributions from the community to this GitHub repository.

What to contribute

We welcome contributions related to HACC in the following areas:

  • Publications
  • Examples
  • Demos
  • Training material

How to contribute

This repository uses GitHub Pages to render Markdown files as a website. So, the quickest way to contribute is creating a pull request with your contribution.

  1. Fork this repository

  2. For publications, please add your publication in [docs/_data/publications/.yaml](_data/publications/) formatted in YAML.

    - title: "<Your Tile>"
      author: "<Name of First Author>"
      institution: "<Institutions>"
      link: "<link to published paper>"
      github: "<optional link to github>"
      abstract: |
        <Your abstract>
  3. For other contributions, please add it into the proper category/year.

  4. Note that entries in the category/year are arranged alphabetically by name/title following Guidelines for Alphabetical Arrangement of Letters and Sorting of Numerals and Other Symbols Chapter 3. Order of Characters

  5. Create a pull request from your fork

  6. We will review the contribution and accept it or suggest changes

  • You can open an issue with your contributions, we will review it and update the pages

  • Finally, you can email us with your contribution use HACC Contributing as subject.

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