Heterogeneous Accelerated Compute Clusters

Hetrogeneous Accelerated Compute Cluster banner image showing university partner logos: ETH Zurich, National Univesity Singapore, Paderborn University, UCLA, UIUC

The Heterogeneous Accelerated Compute Clusters (HACC) program is a special initiative to support novel research in adaptive compute acceleration for high performance computing (HPC). The scope of the program is broad and encompasses systems, architecture, tools and applications.

Five HACCs have been established at some of world’s most prestigious universities. HACCs are equipped with the latest AMD Adaptive Computing hardware and software technologies. Each cluster is specially configured to enable some of the world’s foremost academic teams to conduct state-of-the-art HPC research.

See the getting started page for more details on the program and how to apply.

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If you have any questions about the HACC program, please e-mail the AMD University Program aup@amd.com