The following page is a list of example designs that may be used with the HACCs. Each HACC may have different Alveo hardware, with different shells installed, so you will need to check the details of each project against the cluster hardware you want to run it on.


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Note: Note that these designs are untested, and may need some updates to get them to work with specific tool versions/shell versions or different Alveo boards to the versions they were originally developed with.

Project Authors Platform(s)
5-point motion estimation Marco Rabozzi, Emanuele Del Sozzo, Lorenzo Di Tucci, Marco Domenico Santambrogio, Politecnico Di Milano AWS F1 / Alveo U200
Approximate Page Rank Alberto Parravicini, Francesco Sgherzi, Marco Santambrogio, Politecnico Di Milano Alveo U200
Coyote Dario Korolija et al., ETH Zurich Alveo U250 / U280
DNA sequence analysis Zaina Salym, Marc Codina, David Castells-Rufas, UAB AWS F1
EasyNet Zhenhao He et al., ETH Zurich Alveo U280
ERBium Fabio Maschi et al., ETH Zurich AWS F1 / Alveo U250/ U280
FINN Dataflow DNN Accelerator Compiler Xilinx Research Alveo U250 / U280
Fletcher on Alveo example: Wikipedia search Matthijs Brobbel, Jeroen van Straten, Joost Hoozemans, Delft University of Technology Alveo U200 / U250
Flexible Communication Avoiding Matrix Multiplication on FPGA with HLS Johannes de Fine Licht, Torsten Hoefler, ETH Zurich Alveo U250
FPGA Accelerated Homomoprhic Computation on AWS Furkan Turan, KU Leuven AWS F1
FPGA-based Incremental Delaunay Triangulation Acceleration - parallelized Delaunay Triangulation builder Alberto Giusti, Saverio Ricci, Marco D. Santambrogio, Politecnico Di Milano Alveo U200
FPGA implementation of KMP algorithm Sofia Breschi, Beatrice Branchini, Marco D. Santambrogio, Politecnico Di Milano Alveo U200
HPCG Benchmark on FPGA Xilinx Research Alveo U280
Key-Value Store with user-defined processing (Multes) Zsolt Istvan, ITU Copenhagen (with help from Zhenhao He, ETH Zurich) Alveo U250 / U280
N-body simulation Emanuele Del Sozzo, Marco Rabozzi, Marco Nanni, Prof. Marco Santambrogio, Politecnico Di Milano  
N-body simulation Johannes de Fine Licht ETH Zurich Alveo U250
OctoRay: Framework for Scalable FPGA Cluster Acceleration of Python Big Data Applications Jakoba Petri-K├Ânig, Shashank Aggarwal, Joost Hoozemans, Zaid Al-Ars, Delft University of Technology Alveo U50 / U250 / U280
Portable Linear Algebra on FPGA using Data-Centric Parallel Programming Manuel Burger, Johannes de Fine Licht and Torsten Hoefler, ETH Zurich Alveo U250
Single-FPGA and Multi-FPGA ResNet50 / MobileNet Accelerators using FINN and InAccel Coral Tobias Alonso, Lucian Petrica, Mario Ruiz, Jakoba Petri-Koenig, Yaman Umuroglu, Ioannis Stamelos, Elias Koromilas, Michaela Blott, Kees Vissers Alveo U250 / U280
UDP Encryption and Decryption Example Suranga Handagala, Northeastern University Alveo U280
Vitis Network Examples Mario Ruiz, AUP Alveo U50 / U55C / U250 / U280
X-drop on FPGA Alberto Zeni, Guido Walter Di Donato, Marco D. Santambrogio, Politecnico Di Milano U280

PYNQ examples

PYNQ Alveo examples can be found on the PYNQ community.