ETH Zurich

The cluster at ETH Zurich provides the infrastructure to research in systems, architecture and applications.

The head of the ETH Zurich HACC is Prof. Gustavo Alonso from the Systems Group in the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich.


The ETH Zurich cluster consists of eighteen servers one for development and seventeen for deployment. Four deployment servers host a mix of Alveo U250, Alveo U280 and VCK5000, ten servers host Alveo U55C, whereas, three other server (heterogeneous boxes) host a mix of accelerators: 4x AMD Instinctâ„¢ MI210 Accelerator, 2x VCK5000 and 2x Alveo U55C.

There are also additionally other 4 servers with 4x Alveo U50 cards.

ETH Zurich System

In terms of networking communication, each Alveo cards has two 100 Gbps interfaces, both of them are connected to a switch

Note: hardware and network configuration can change at any time

Once you are approved for the HACC program, details on how to access the ETH Zurich HACC and the other HACCs can be found on the HACC members site.

For more information on the hardware configuration and software, see the ETH Zurich HACC webpage.